Celeste Hulme dreams about running off to join the circus as a lion tamer or a human cannonball. However, it turns out that she’s quite scared of lions and heights and is much better at drawing such exciting things. 

Celeste grew up in deepest, darkest Africa, so she knows exactly how big a lion’s teeth are. She spent her childhood wandering the deserts of Namibia, where she walked through ancient whale skeletons and ventured into ghost towns. Later she set about exploring the rainforests of Swaziland with their hot springs and waterfalls. She can pronounce words like “Okavango” and “Makgadikgadi”, and has ridden an ostrich.

When she was finally old enough to choose a career she studied a BA Hons in Visual Communication and Design at Stellenbosch University. This included illustration and English literature, so rest assured she is fully qualified to sit around dreaming up stories. 

After completing her degree, she decided to see some more of the world. She packed her entire life into one suitcase and hopped on a plane to Australia. She now lives in Sydney with her husband, wild three year old son, little baby daughter and two dogs with funny names.

 All work © Celeste Hulme


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