Mila and The Missing Lions is the first book Celeste has written and illustrated all on her own! Mila and the Missing Lions published by Five Mile Press will hit the shelves in September 2016.

Mila is a lion tamer. She has everything she needs to be one. Except some lions. So she practices on her dog Ralph, who doesn’t care for his paper mane and would much rather be asleep on the sofa.  

Luckily, Mila’s parents are lion tamers too, they’re part of a circus and they have lions. Mila isn’t allowed to tame the real lions, but she’s going to try anyway. When she opens the gate to the lions’ cage to slip in they slip out. They have sharp teeth and pointy claws and could be quite a problem if left to wander about unsupervised. She had better catch them before anyone finds out.